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Fade to Black Is The New Beginning

To understand Invision Media, you have to start at the end.  When the video has played and the screen fades to black, what are you left with? Knowledge, a call to action, perhaps a work of art.  Most importantly are you left with a return on your investment?  After all, that is the goal of producing a business video.

At Invision Media, in addition to all of the above, the end of a video is usually the start of a relationship.   A relationship with one of the most trusted and reliable video boutiques in the Chicagoland area.  A company which has been around for over 12 years and has roots in the production community going back 25 years. Our years of experience can make it seem simple, but our knowledge and dedication makes for a successful video.

If your looking for a video company to partner with, let’s start by watching one of our videos.  We can tell you about it’s success and, when it fades to black, we’ve only just begun.

Dirty Birds at Invision Media


Invision Media now offers stunning aerial cinematography and photography.

40 years of flight combined with 20 years of filmmaking.

Flying. Filming. Editing. Photography. A wide array of skills must all come together at once to create a project you’ll love.

Pilot. Camera Operator. Spotter. Great footage is a team effort.

One of the first aerial imagery companies in the US to be fully compliant with the FAA 14 cfr part 107 regulations. Fully insured and committed to helping you get the footage you want safely and legally.

Only pro gear. Only pro results.

Combined with our full 4k production and editing facilities, we make you look amazing. When you look great, we do too.

Our Telly Tally

Over the years, Invision Media has won many awards for outstanding production work and creative editorial for our client’s videos.

Here is a partial list of the levels and categories : Silver – Social Issues, Silver – Editing, Silver – Documentation, Gold – Peoples Choice, Gold – Editing, Gold – Model Farm, Gold – Social Responsibility, Gold – Corporate Image, Gold – B2B Branded Content, Gold – Editing, Gold – Entertainment, Gold – Promotional Branding, Gold – Environmental, Gold – Online Video Sales

Night traffic
Night traffic

Moving Fast

After months of planning, building and finally…the move, we are in our new home.  We have space that is better utilized and spacious, but yet warm and comfortable.  Our edit suites and screening room in addition to our audio booth are top notch. Our windows allow for a panoramic view of the famous Woodfield Mall (walking distance) and lots of vitamin D.  Sit at our producers table or on the couch, we’ve designed it for maximum comfort and creativity.  Those who have seen it have have given us two thumbs up.

Howdy Partner!

You just found your true partner. We are a full-service media company that is here to help you with your next vision. We take your insights and craft fresh, creative media to ignite passion to help you, and your clients’ businesses thrive. From scripting and directing through shooting and post-production, we promise to create something authentic and beautiful.

Our mantra has always been, “How can we make it better?” An attitude fueled with a work ethic that’s not afraid of long hours, tight deadlines and equally tight budgets. We work with agencies, independent producers and corporate clients. We’re as comfortable with small projects as we are with epics. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on having that “creative eye” for details that we bring to projects. It’s what keeps clients coming back.

Our partnership defines success. “As one team with the customer, we collaborate to ensure that the ultimate objective was considered at every phase of development. And, our customer’s vision making it a reality is the most important layer during the process. In fact, there are always aesthetic, structural and performance requirements that customers rely on us for. Nothing is done in a silo; we consistently look for ways to improve throughout the phases of development with continual collaboration,” says Chris Stewart, President of INVISION MEDIA.

Please browse through OUR WORK and if you are in the Chicagloand area we invite you to come visit. Just give us a call at 847-692-2173.

Visual storytellers. True partners.